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shudder! "Net red" health care products to treat diabetes, super effective? Look at this formula, no poisoning is fortunate!

Diabetes is one of the common chronic diseases, and modern medicine cannot cure it. Therefore, diabetic patients have to take medicine for life. But in Taizhou, Zhejiang, an online store claims that there is a food that can replace blood sugar.

In this regard, the inspectors immediately conducted an investigation.


Food instead of drugs to lower blood sugar? fake!

In the name of the consumer, the inspectors purchased all suspicious items being sold in the store from an online store.

Appearance, a Renhe Panbao capsule, which is jointly supervised by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Second Military Medical University of the People's Liberation Army, indicates that it can remove drug poisoning and repair islets.

The product with the highest selling price, which is called the second generation of insulin, is claimed to have American technical support, is supervised by the Diabetes Research Center of the US Military Medical College, and is only sold in mainland China.

In addition, the packaging number of these products is also printed with the approval number of “Guo Shi Jian Zi” health food, which is the “blue hat” that consumers are familiar with. The inspectors have verified that these approval numbers are false. The name of the factory and the address on the box are also unmatchable.

Zhang Wenbin, deputy director of Taizhou Drug Testing Institute, Zhejiang Province: We look at the sample box and instructions, one of which shows that it can treat diabetes. We judge that it may contain hypoglycemic agents.

In order to further obtain evidence, the inspectors sent the batch of goods to a professional testing agency for further testing and analysis, and found that these health foods contained Western medicine ingredients to varying degrees.

Of the 19 samples tested, 14 were found to contain western medicine.

xxAmong them, 8 samples were found to contain the chemical component of phenformin hydrochloride, and the other 6 samples were also detected with the chemical component containing glibenclamide.

Both of these chemicals are prescription drugs that inhibit moderate type 2 diabetes and have a certain insulin-secreting function.

Health foods claiming to have hypoglycemic effects have not only been detected as containing Western medicine ingredients, but also use the fake "National Food and Health" health food number. In fact, it has violated the provisions of China《食品安全法》.

Online shop suppliers less than one year, the purchase amount is up to 400,000 yuan

After confirming that the production and business operators have violated the law, the inspectors immediately inquired about the online shop operators. The store owner provided the clues that the supplier lived in Henan Province. The inspectors immediately set up a task force with the local public security department in Henan. The province of Gongyi controlled the suppliers.

According to the supplier Zhou Pengwei, he did not know the identity of the family to supply himself. The two parties contacted the goods through WeChat. In less than one year, he accumulated five varieties and four in the hands of the family. More than 100,000 yuan in goods.

By inspecting the courier, the case handler locked a consignor named Zhu Xiangna, and the goods in the hands of Zhou Pengwei were sent from the underground storage of Zhu Xiangna’s house.

The case-handling personnel cooperated with the local public security department to take the net-receiving action, confirming that Zhu Xiangna is the home of Zhou Pengwei's sales channel and is a wholesaler facing the whole country. And she mainly sells through WeChat group.

Yang Huirong, deputy team leader of Luqiao Inspection Team of Taizhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province: After Zhu Xiangna arrived at the case, he took the initiative to explain that the goods on the line were issued from a place in Zhongli County, Zhengzhou. In addition, he also got a clue that Zhu Xiangna’s on-line will be followed the next day. Zhu Xiangna shipped.

Through the clue provided by the delivery driver, the case-handling personnel arrested Liu Wei, the owner of the toxic, harmful and counterfeit health food products, in Zhongyu County, Henan Province.












The western medicine granules collected together are put into powder on the machine, and then coarsely mixed with other powders, and then coarsely stirred, which becomes the finished powder for sale to the next home.

The traditional Chinese medicine powder in the snake skin bag is the dregs of Zhang Xinglin from the Chinese medicine factory. The purpose is to let the capsule emit some taste of Chinese medicine.

Suspect Zhang Xinglin: How much do they want, how much I give him. They said that they would make 80,000 tablets, and I would take 80,000 tablets, and I would have enough weight.

In Zhang Xinglin's warehouse, the case handlers seized 25 boxes of glibenclamide tablets that have not been unsealed. After searching for the batch numbers of these drugs, and verifying with the manufacturers, they are all authentic western medicines produced by regular pharmaceutical factories.

According to this clue, the investigators arrested Li Panpan, a supplier who did not have the qualification for pharmaceutical business, in Taihe County, Anhui Province. At this point, the case of the production and sale of toxic, harmful and counterfeit health food products covering the whole country was completely broken.

Unlawful addition of drugs or sudden death to the consumer

According to the criminals, the sales of their products are so large, because the users feel that the blood sugar lowering effect of these health care products is very obvious, most people will buy back.

In fact, these effects come from the illegally added Western medicine ingredients. However, due to the lack of standards for the addition of Western medicine ingredients, consumers are likely to suffer from high lactateemia or lactic acidosis, and severe cases may have liver and kidney metabolic dysfunction and even sudden death.

The captain of the auditing detachment of the Taizhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province Ying Jiande: In a plate of capsules, the content of this one is very high, and the other one may be basically no. I remember that we found a case in which a hypoglycemic health food contains 8 tablets of glibenclamide, plus 4 tablets of phenformin, which is equivalent to 12 pharmaceutical ingredients. If someone is sensitive to this drug, it can be fatal to his body.




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